The gun mayhem game became very popular in 2011 when it emerged as one of the best shooting games in the world. The game is action packed and can be played during free time to relieve boredom. There are some important elements of the gun mayhem game that a person should be conversant with before playing it for the first time.

To begin with, it is important to know that this game can support a maximum of four players at the same time. Gun mayhem is a shooting game whose exciting nature requires an arena style action. Designers of the gun mayhem games use a lot of graphics to come up with a battle arena. The platform has got various weapons and maps that can only be unlocked by players after shooting all opponents. The game involves the use of different categories of firearms and players have the liberty to choose whichever firearm they might want to use. Some gun mayhem games have up to 60 firearms for players to use.The fighting in gun mayhem takes place on over 12 different maps and players are expected to customize their characters during the game. The most important gameplay modes in this game include the gun game mode, the last man standing mode, the one shot one kill mode and finally the duck defense mode. Gun mayhem games have a gun library where players can get their desired weapons. The gun library contains various types of firearms for selection by players. The options menu is available for those players who may want to edit their controls. The campaign mode provides the co-op option for gun mayhem players. The arrow keys are used for movement while the other keys are used for shooting and throwing bombs. Gun mayhem is a very exciting game that every person should try playing during their free time.